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What Happens if Mediation Doesn’t Work?

So you and your spouse are considering or have decided to file for a divorce. This is the first decision of what will eventually become many more during this complex process. One key decision that must be made is how you will ultimately go about reaching a resolution for your divorce. You will have to determine custody, child support, alimony, and property division. One way to do this is through mediation.

However, mediation is not a suitable approach for every divorcing couple. What happens if a couple attempts mediation and cannot follow through? Circling Eagle Law can help explain.

Mediation For Certain Issues

Did you know — it is possible to mediate specific aspects of your divorce? For example, you and your spouse may decide that you only want to mediate a parenting plan and leave the rest to your attorneys. This is a beneficial option for many couples as they may not agree on every aspect of the separation but may be able to agree on others.

What If No Progress is Made?

It is also possible that you and your partner had full confidence in your abilities to negotiate the outcome of your divorce. However, throughout the process, you may find that it is more difficult than you imagined. What happens in these situations? Well, it may be necessary to take your case to court and let a judge decide the outcome. Another alternative is that you rely on your attorneys to communicate and relay back to you the issues at hand.

Can Attorneys Provide Insight?

The good news is that an attorney can provide you with helpful insight into if mediation is a viable option for you and your family. After providing the details of your case, you can work with your attorney to determine what course of action is best for you. If they believe mediation will not work, they will be able to provide you with alternatives.

Do you have additional questions about mediation? Circling Eagle Law can provide you with answers.

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