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At Circling Eagle Law, we recognize that family is the most important thing in life. We are there for you when a dispute arises, when a relationship falls apart, or when you simply need a legal professional who can explain your rights and options in a tough family matter.

Our family lawyers in Fargo represent clients with compassion and a comprehensive approach. From start to finish, we keep your goals in mind and work toward finding a favorable solution that fits your situation. Though we strive to resolve cases through simpler and more cost-effective methods – including negotiation and mediation – we can confidently take your case to court and fight to protect your rights and interests.

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Circling Eagle Law handles all types of family law cases. Our family lawyers in Fargo have extensive experience practicing in this area of the law and bring a wealth of knowledge to every case.

Many of the cases we handle involve:

Frequently Asked Family Law Questions

At Circling Eagle Law, we understand that family law can be confusing. These cases are emotionally charged, which only makes it more challenging to find your way out of them. We have provided answers to some of the most common questions about divorce, custody, and other family matters to help you move forward in your case.

How do I file for divorce in North Dakota?

To file for divorce, you must have been a resident of North Dakota for at least six months before filing. If your spouse is a resident of the state, you must file in the county where your spouse resides. If your spouse is not a resident, you can file in any county.

How will marital property be divided in our divorce?

North Dakota is an equitable distribution state, which means that all marital property will be divided between you and your spouse equitably – not necessarily equally. Though the property division process begins with the judge presuming all property will be split equally, the judge will consider various factors – such as when the property was acquired, who purchased the property, and each spouse’s income – to ensure that each spouse receives their fair share.

Who will get custody of the children when my spouse and I divorce?

Believing it best for a child to have a relationship with both parents, family courts in North Dakota considers the best interest of the child factors when making a determination regarding custody. You and your spouse have the opportunity to determine your own custody arrangements, however, if you cannot agree on arrangements, it is best to retain an attorney to assist you in this process.

Can I change a custody or support order after finalizing my divorce?

Yes, most aspects of your divorce decree can be updated after it has been finalized. Child custody, child support, and alimony orders can be modified, however, modification should be done through the Court.

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