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Maintaining Respect in Mediation Sessions

Respect may not necessarily be at the front of an individual’s mind when filing for a divorce. However, depending on what route you choose to reach a resolution, respect may be a necessary trait to employ throughout the process. For example, when a couple opts to utilize mediation to create their divorce agreement. Without respect, mediation sessions are exceedingly challenging to conduct.

Circling Eagle Law can help explain why you should emphasize respect towards one another in these situations.

Establishing Respect Is Step #1

Many mediators choose to establish the importance of respect at the very beginning of the process. This can set the tone for the rest of the process, allowing for a more collaborative and understanding approach. The mediator can lead by example, utilizing a specific tone, language, and general approach that encourages respect between the parties involved.

Attorneys Must Respect One Another

Each spouse will likely have their own legal representative involved to assist them throughout the process. It is vital that any attorneys involved in the mediation process also treat one another respectfully to encourage the same behaviors from their clients.

Respect For Differing Perspectives

Another key element is to have respect for the different perspectives that will ultimately arise during mediation sessions. It is extremely unlikely that a couple will automatically agree on all aspects of their divorce. The purpose of mediation is to allow each person to speak their piece and verbalize their own point of view. Without a baseline level of respect for an individual and their time to speak, it will be difficult to conduct successful mediation sessions.

Attorneys That Can Guide You

When mediation sessions get tough, it is imperative to have an attorney you can trust and turn to. The team at Circling Eagle Law can do that and more by providing you with the advice you need for successful and productive mediation sessions.

Call Circling Eagle Law at (701) 401-7404 to speak with our attorneys about mediation today.


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