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Does Mediation Work For Everyone?

When it comes to divorce, there is often a lot of contention between the parties involved. In some cases, mediation may be a viable option to agree to a divorce or child custody. However, there are some instances in which mediation is not possible or appropriate. In this blog post, we will explore when mediation does and does not work for divorcing couples.

Is Domestic Violence a Factor?

One instance in which mediation may not be possible is when domestic violence is a factor. With a present history of abusive behaviors, mediation may not be the best option as it requires both individuals to be in the same room and negotiate. This can be extremely dangerous for victims of domestic violence.

Are There Present Power Differences?

Another common issue that could prevent mediation is power differences between the couple. This is because the party with more power may be able to coerce the other party into agreeing to terms that are not in their best interest. If you find yourself in this situation, it is crucial to seek professional help to ensure your rights are protected.

Is Communication Possible?

If individuals find it impossible to communicate or negotiate with their spouse, mediation may also not be the best option. If there is too much hostility between the two parties, mediation may not be able to help resolve the issues. In these situations, it may be more beneficial to seek alternatives for reaching a divorce resolution. For example, it may be necessary to proceed with taking the case to court.

Attorneys That Can Help Answer Your Questions

If you are preparing to file for a divorce from your partner, you must consider your options. An experienced divorce attorney can help assess your case and determine if mediation is a suitable approach for your situation.

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