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Why Choose Mediation Over Litigation?

If you file for a divorce or start a custody action, wouldn’t you want the process to be as stress-free as possible? Would you like to be able to have more of a say in the outcomes of your case? Well, there is an option that allows this and much more. When you file for a divorce or custody, there are multiple approaches that you can take. When your attorney is trained and knowledgeable, they can assist through a process known as mediation. With this approach, you will negotiate in order to get the outcomes you want. Circling Eagle Law can help explain mediation, and give you reasons why it may be a better choice than litigation.

Explaining Mediation

You might be wondering what mediation exactly is. Well, mediation is an approach to divorce or custody case that involves negotiation and compromise. Most importantly, there is a neutral third party individual, known as a mediator, who communicates with both spouses. The mediator hears out both sides of the story, facilitates possible solutions, and helps the couple make reasonable compromises. Through this process, a couple who is divorcing can reach an amicable agreement that leaves them both happy or parents are able to have a custody plan that is reflective of the unique circumstances and needs of their child.

Mediation Over Litigation?

There are many reasons why you may want to opt for mediation. However, it is important to note that not every divorce or custody case is able to go through the mediation process. There are certain situations and circumstances that may warrant a different approach.

A Quicker Divorce

What some people fail to realize is just how long it can take to get a divorce or custody arrangement. Sometimes the proceedings can take years, especially if a couple or parents enter with a contentious mindset. Individuals who are capable of negotiating the terms of their separation or visitation schedules will get results much faster. In litigation, your case may end up in court, only making the process take even longer.

Saving Your Money

Most people know that a divorce or custody action can cost a lot of money. Attorney fees, court appearances, and other financial requirements can rack up over time. However, it is possible to reduce the amount spent when getting a divorce or arranging a visitation schedule. By opting for mediation, you will avoid the extra court fees and appearances, padding your wallet for future expenses.

Cutting Back On Stress

A divorce or custody action will likely be stressful no matter how you approach it. But you can make certain choices that will minimize the amount of stress you experience. By going with mediation, you will not have the stress of attending court weighing on your shoulders. Furthermore, you won’t be left wondering what the outcome of your case will be.

Advocating Your Needs

When you go through your divorce or custody action, you deserve the opportunity to advocate for your needs. This is a core tenant of mediation, as you will be given multiple chances to communicate your exact feelings on the situation. The mediator will listen to both sides of the story, and help you find a resolution that addresses both you and your ex-spouse or partner’s concerns.

Useful For The Future

If you and your spouse or partner had children together, you will continue to be a part of each other’s lives. What some may not realize is that mediation can actually help you prepare for co-parenting. You will need skills like negotiation, open communication, and compromise in order to succeed as co-parents. In this way, you can view mediation as an opportunity to gain or further develop skills.

Attorneys Supportive of Mediation

Are you deciding to file for a divorce or custody action? Does mediation sound like a great option for you? Well, it is important to find an attorney that is supportive of the mediation process. Not all divorce attorneys are experienced or knowledgeable in this area, so it is important to search for one. If you are located in Fargo, ND, and the surrounding area, the team at Circling Eagle Law can help. We understand the value of reaching a reasonable compromise through negotiation.

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