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Power Of Attorney for Tribal Members

Power Of Attorney for Tribal Members

When our loved ones are aging, we want to safeguard them from any potential harm or exploitation that could come their way. Unfortunately, the mistreatment of our elders is not uncommon in the United States, with one in ten individuals 60 or older experiencing some type of abuse in their lives. With this alarming statistic, you might be wondering what you can do to help ensure your loved ones are not mistreated.

A potential solution for this is to establish a power of attorney, which can be done during the estate planning process. Circling Eagle Law can provide information explaining what a power of attorney is, and how it may benefit individuals such as Tribal members.

What Exactly Is a Power of Attorney?

In simple terms, a power of attorney is just a legal document that gives another individual the ability to make decisions on your behalf. These documents are especially useful for elders, as they give you the ability to appoint a specific person in charge of decisions for you in the event you can no longer make them yourself. This is extremely helpful for family members, as they will not have to go through the guardianship process.

When designating the individual, or agent, responsible for making decisions on your behalf, it is important to find someone that you can trust. Knowing that they will act in your best interests can bring you comfort in an otherwise stressful situation.

Why Is It Important For Tribal Members?

As mentioned previously, older populations are at risk for exploitation, whether it be from family members or appointed caregivers. It is not uncommon for individuals in Tribes to receive per capita distributions as a source of income. Furthermore, other elders may receive other benefits, such as social security or disability. If they are not able to monitor and track their income, others may manipulate them for their own benefit. A power of attorney and trusted agent can keep track of finances, as well as make other important decisions about where healthcare is received. This can minimize the chances of elder abuse.

Hiring An Attorney To Help

In order to create a power of attorney document that is valid, it is important to have an attorney assist in the process. At Circling Eagle Law we are knowledgeable in estate planning and Tribal law and can provide you with the assistance you need to create a working power of attorney document.


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