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Do’s and Don’ts of Co-Parenting

When divorcing, you should always put your children first. However, it can be challenging to maintain priorities when there are contentions with your ex. Even if there are still problems between parents, effective communication between parties should be the goal—the reason for this: the emotional well-being of your children.

Even if you know that you should put your children first, co-parenting successfully is a challenging, time-consuming process. Don’t worry, though; our Fargo, ND family law team has all the best dos and don’ts for co-parenting.

What To Do When Co-Parenting

With the pressure to maintain a positive experience for your children, you may feel it is impossible to co-parent successfully in a cordial manner. However, we here at Circling Eagle Law have tips to encourage a healthy co-parenting atmosphere.

  1. Strive for consistent, healthy communication with your fellow co-parent. Talking with one another may seem like an impossible task, especially if the divorce is recent. However, communication is what will keep the relationship positive for your children. If something is happening with your children, make it apparent immediately and be willing to discuss it. Maybe this will require dedicated time to schedule conversations.
  1. Set boundaries and remain consistent with your ex. By setting boundaries, each parent will know what is and is not acceptable within the relationship. Furthermore, consistency between homes will provide beneficial stability for your children. Make sure that rules stay the same between homes and your children know what is expected of them.
  1. Don’t say negative things about your co-parent in front of your children. Remember that treating the other with respect is the key to successful co-parenting. Furthermore, it will positively impact your children’s interpretation of the situation. Don’t allow them to speak negatively about their other parent and continue to encourage a positive relationship.
  1. Recall that the focus of co-parenting is always putting your children first. Think about how your behaviors or actions will impact your children and their relationships. You want to keep things as normal as possible during a divorce, so swallow your pride and do what’s best for your child.

What Not To Do When Co-Parenting

Just as there are ways to succeed in co-parenting, you can also just as easily make mistakes. Try to avoid these when attempting to create a positive environment for your children.

  1. Do not try to ruin your child’s relationship with your fellow co-parent. This type of sabotage will only hurt you and your relationship with your child in the end. Remember that your children deserve to have a positive relationship with both parents, not just one. Don’t purposefully say negative things about your ex in front of your child, as this immaturity will negatively affect the situation.
  1. Don’t try to make your children pick one parent over another or manipulate them through your feelings. Remember that your child has an equal bond with each of you and feels connected to you. By using your child as a pawn to manipulate the situation, you are objectifying them.
  1. Don’t jump straight to conclusions and start a fight. If your child mentions something that your ex has done that has upset you, calmly request a conversation before things escalate further. Calm, effective communication is vital for children as they can sense a conflict between parents.
  1. Do not level your negative emotions about the situation towards your children. Your kids’ life is changing completely. They are losing their typical and having to get used to a completely different routine. Children desperately need the support and understanding of their parents to get used to their new life. Don’t make that transition any more complicated than it needs to be.

Contact Circling Eagle Law for Co-Parenting Advice in Fargo

If you follow these tips and find yourself still struggling with the co-parenting process, you’re not alone. Communication with an ex can be difficult and hurtful at times. Our family law team here at Circling Eagle Law has your back and wants to make sure that you and your children have a positive experience. Don’t hesitate to contact us today.

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