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Making Visitation Easier After Divorce

Tips to Make Visitation Easier

In the beginning, visitation can be difficult for children after a divorce. There’s a possibility they won’t understand why their parents are getting a divorce or what it means for them.

Your kids may experience emotions like sadness or anger, but you can help turn that around by taking control of the situation and offering them reassurance with these tips.

1. Leave Communication Open

Try not to shut your kids completely out and explain to them what’s happening as clearly as possible.

2. Have a Positive Attitude

When it’s time for your children to go on their visit with your ex, try to be positive and upbeat about the visit. If you have ill feelings or disagreements about anything with your ex, try not to bring it up or show your disdain around your kids.

3. Avoid Speaking Negatively About Your Ex

As difficult as it may be, try to avoid saying negative things about your ex when your children are around. Speaking ill about their parent can change how they feel about them and have a negative impact on their relationship.

Your ex and children could blame you for any strain on their parent/child relationship, and it could negatively affect your custody agreement.

4. Make Visitation Comfortable

Before your kids go on their visit, encourage them to bring an item that comforts them while they’re away.

Younger children can take things like stuffed animals, dolls, toy cars, or any item that helps them easily transition into their new home. Older children can take things like video games, sports equipment, and more to help them adjust to their new environment.

We suggest you do what you think is best to help your kids adjust to visitation. Ask them what will help them and work together as a family unit.

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