Lane C. Thompson

Lane Thompson is the founder and sole partner at Circling Eagle Law. Lane’s practice areas are corporate and business law, transactional drafting, and policy reforms. Lane has worked extensively with Tribal government and State shareholders since the beginning of his college career. During undergrad, Lane was a key member of the MHA Road’s Taskforce where he coordinated and communicated with various State entities and private corporations on behalf of the Three Affiliated Tribes in obtaining the necessary funding to restore the road conditions that were created due to the oil boom. In addition, Lane worked closely with the Chairman and the council in addressing and assisting in various tribal issues.


During law school, Lane worked as a Prosecutor at the Three Affiliated Tribes where he was responsible for arraignments, plea bargains, trials, motions, and sentencing recommendations. He also worked closely with other social agencies in finding and assessing the appropriate sentences for each defender to ensure their success and rehabilitation. In addition, in Lane’s final year of law school, he was hired as an intern for the Legal Department of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) in Las Vegas, Nevada. This experience further honed Lane’s transactional drafting skills.


Currently, Lane works as an independent in-house, on-demand, attorney for the Three Affiliated Tribes where he deals with special projects and the implementation of new policies and programs for the Tribe. Lane also assists as a special attorney with the child support programs of both the Red Lake and White Earth Nations.  


  • North Dakota


  • B.A., Political Science, DSU
  • J.D., UND School of Law

I want to support the ideas and projects that my clients care about most in order to allow them to focus on their work, their lives, and their businesses. Their ideas and projects matter as much to me as it does to them.

In the past few years, there have been massive social and economical changes that alter the way we do things. They affect every industry. Law firms are now being confronted with this idea of being forced to innovate.

Millennials are entering the workforce that are not interested in participating in the workforce in the same way their predecessors had and they are not willing to make the same compromises. At the same time, the boomers will be leaving the management and ownership of law firms causing a change to the firm's operational structure.

I started Circling Eagle Law because I realize the shock of the global economic crisis and the repercussions of it. People, as consumers, are much more willing to consume services in a very different way. Consequently, they have a very different expectation of what they are going to get from their professionals.

I have an oil company that I opened before getting my law license and that has changed the way I approach my practice as well. I believe that, as a business owner myself, I have gained invaluable experience that I can share with other businesses or start-ups that an attorney without their own business simply cannot match. 

I believe that the static, monolithic, traditional, and conventional law firm partnerships are not very well suited to being nimble and agile to better service those clients. 

Thus, Circling Eagle Law was created to better serve the next generation from clients. Technology isn't the key to our practice, but it certainly has made it easier for us to tailor a result to each individual client. 


Sharon T. Lo

Sharon Lo joined Circling Eagle Law in 2016 after working as a litigation attorney at a large firm in Fargo, North Dakota. Her focus area was family law and insurance defense. Sharon was also appointed as a Special Assistant Attorney General for the Sate of North Dakota as she represented the State at administrative hearings involving employment injury disputes. Prior to working in Fargo, Sharon worked at a criminal defense firm in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada as a paralegal, office manager, and bookkeeper for 6 years. Her experience and wealth of knowledge regarding the organization, the structure and systems both inside the law firm and within the legal system has been an asset to Circling Eagle Law but most importantly, for our clients. Currently, Sharon serves as the child support program attorney for White Earth Nation and Red Lake Nation while maintaining an active private practice exclusively in family law.